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Useful Linux commands for beginners

If you are switching from Windows to Linux based operating system, then it might be difficult in early days to get hang of it. Here are some commands that will be useful.

  1. If you want to find out size of current directory, just type

2. Check your disk usage

3. See all files and directory size in current path

4. Truncate log files

5. List content of a directory using ls command

6. If you want to know about a command, you can take of man command, for example if you want to go into details of ls command, just type

It will give you an output something similar to this


I will be updating this with more useful commands as and when I found.


Transfer ownership of a Digital Ocean Droplet

I run a web development agency and most of the time it happens that we create servers for client in our own Digital Ocean account during the development phase.  When project gets over we usually transfer the ownership of the droplet to client. I have seen Digital Ocean customers
struggling with the transfer of ownership of droplet.

So here is I am giving a simple step by step guide to transfer a droplet from one Digital Ocean account to another.

Step 1: Take a snapshot of droplet

We need to first take a snapshot of the droplet that you want to transfer. You can either take a live snapshot which doesn’t require shutting down the droplet or to avoid any data loss just power off the droplet before taking snapshot. You can power off the droplet from the control panel or by logging into server through ssh.

Enter the name of snapshot and click on “Take Snapshot” button.

DO Snapshot

DO Snapshot

Step 2: Enter recipient owner digital account email address

Once the snapshot is ready, click on “Change Owner” option. It will prompt to enter recipient email address. Enter the address of the account to which you want to transfer the droplet.

Step 3: Accept snapshot transfer

Now log into the control panel of the recipient account. Go to Images and then Snapshots. You will see the snapshot that you had transferred to this account. Click on Accept to complete the transfer process.

Step 4: Create a new droplet from snapshot

Since we have the snapshot with us now, we need to create a droplet from this snapshot. To Click on “Create Droplet” option from menu and select the appropriate plan for your droplet, and your droplet is ready!