Monthly Archives: August 2014

Installing teamviewer 9 on Ubuntu 14.04

Do install Teamviewer 9 on your Ubuntu 14.04 box, following these steps

1. Download it

2. Install gdebi (GDebi can install local .deb packages with automatic dependency resolution (it automatically downloads and installs the required packages)

3. In the same directory you download the .deb file just run



Adding SMTP header in Laravel 4

I was working with Mandrill api to send emails, to track the emails I needed to add smtp header. Here is how you can add smtp header to emails.


How to remove multiple deleted files in Git repository

To delete files which are visible in git status can be deleted by using this simple command

You can use these commands also

This will ONLY remove the deleted files from the git.

It could be also be used for adding ONLY modified files also.

These commands also works on gitbash for windows.


How to know which port MySQL is running on – Ubuntu

To find a listener on a port, do this:

You should see a line that looks like this if mysql is indeed listening on that port.