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Open link in new tab using jquery

To open a link in new tab, using Jquery, use and pass the url


PHP Date format

This is my list of useful date formats in PHP for my own reference, I update it whenever I come across to new ones, so that I don’t need to search for it on web.

To get the Day of a date

To get a date in this format

22 April 2013

To get, Jul 18

Adding no of days to a PHP date, In this example we are adding 2 days to a PHP date







Useful git resources

List of useful git resources, that I have come across.

37 single’s

Git refcard on DZone
Git – the simple guide

Git reference

Getting started about version control

Git in 15 minutes

Add other useful resources known to you in the comment below 🙂


Install FriendsApp on Ubuntu 12.10 & 13.04

To install FriendsApp on Ubuntu 12.10, follow these commands

It is much easier to install on Ubuntu 13.04, just use this one line command


Get current page title, url and meta description using JQuery

To get the title of current page, there is a one line of JQuery code

To read the meta description of current, use following code

To get the url of current page